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Hello, I'm Amy

founder & co-collaborator

eat, drink, laugh, repeat.

Thank you for being interested, and caring to learn more about the people who collaborate passionately to bring you something special.

-- - about social creative ---

The summer of 2016 I felt an undeniable nudge to go back to the well and identify the top things I was passionate about. (blame it on the mid-life/turning 40 routine). I've owned Anticipate Wedding & Events for over 10 years, and still the best part for me is the relationships cultivated from it.  I wanted to provide a space for women to come together for face to face connection, to laugh hard, to savor good food and drink as the creativity from their hands distracted them to get lost in conversation. This is time set apart, an investment in an experience, a way to challenge yourself in a comfortable, warm place, time to learn, teach, and grow no matter the skill level. It is as much a needed night out with girlfriends, as it is a way to practice creativity.  I could go on forever because my heart is so deeply invested in this. I named it Social Creative.

--- about amy ---

 My inspiration is found in creating memories using all the components of a good time: atmosphere, people, food, and well planned logistics.

Things that make me really happy: my  husband & 3 extraordinary boys, lingering with friends at a table full of food & drink, and being able to put my passions into practice anywhere I can.  

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