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Creative Worshops for Women in Seattle

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What is

Social Creative?


Social Creative is a dream come true for me.

    It is a way to collaborate with different creatives and local businesses by hosting experiences with the sole purpose of highlighting women of all ages, cultures and life stages and bringing them together to be...

Social and Creative.

Our focus is to bring people together to cultivate community, celebrate creativity, and foster relationships. This is done through face to face and virtual connection, collaborations.  Our gatherings highlight local Seattle makers, women of all ages and faces,  food, small businesses, and spaces.  


The heart beat of Social Creative Workshops is to 

 have fun together,

create together,

learn from each other, teach each other and to do/try something

that would be inspiring or typically out of the box. 

SCW's Social Engagement

 promotes connection, learning and fun to a broader audience including gents and kids.

Join us to participate and witness self described "not creative people" design and create amazing things while investing in relationships familiar and new.   


photo courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography

Social Creative Conversations Podcast, continues our goal of building relationships and connections.  With the impressive amount of stories from women, I wanted to share and allow us all to learn from the real talk/real life that happens behind the scenes of any business.   The focus is on featuring local women, leading creative brands, sharing incredible stories.  (Listen to some of our local guests)

Thank you to Radriguez Inc for the video/editing.

Thank you to former guests Chloe, Katie, Gina, Jayne  and SCW instructors Ellen & Ashley for sharing your experience with us.

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All Videos

All Videos
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Episode 30 Soundbite

Episode 30 Soundbite

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Ellen & Ashley - Instructor Experience

Ellen & Ashley - Instructor Experience

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What can you expect at SCW?

What can you expect at SCW?

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