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Instructor & Co-Collaborators

In a phrase, her aesthetic is ushering into thoughtful arrangement that which grows wild and free


Teressa Johnson is a floral and event designer. She is intrigued by learning the inspirations of her clients, flower related or not, and translating that into elements of thoughtful design to reflect them well. Whether it’s in parties, weddings, boutique businesses, or private homes, her passion is to build relationships, earn trust, and deliver in a collaborative way to the party-throwing, flower-loving, warm-hugging people. 


In a phrase, her aesthetic is ushering into thoughtful arrangement that which grows wild and free


Her background has always been in making things with her hands. Her biggest hobby is studying, making, and eating food, and her heart is in being creative and being a mama. 

Lorene Edwards Forkner | A Handmade Garden

Like many of us with dirty nails and decidedly non-fashion-forward tan lines, my garden journey has been circuitous. In the mid 90s, my passionate love of plants led to owning and operating a small specialty nursery. There I discovered  a community of like-minded souls for whom every flower, bulb, grass, and twig was a constant source of wonder and possibility. I also spent several years working in garden design helping others, like me, who needed to organize their growing collections into pleasing spaces. 

These days, my work has more to do with tending gardeners—encouraging collaboration with natural systems and respect for the precious wildness all around us. More than just a seasonal pasttime, our gardens provide a creative outlet, personal respite, a connection with nature, and foster more livable communities

Nearly every week my stories appear in the GROW column in The Seattle Times where I explore the gardens and gardeners of the Pacific Northwest.

I am the author of several books, and am over the moon excited about my latest, Color In and Out of The Garden, coming in spring 2022 from Abrams.

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